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CASE Procare – Standard Warranty

Only CASE offers a standard maintenance support on heavy equipment. It includes 3-year/3,000 hour factory warranty, 3-year/3,000 planned maintenance and 3-year advanced SiteWatch subscription.

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Ten Tips for Buying a New Excavator

When it comes to purchasing a new excavator, there are many important items to consider. Understanding the right specs and knowing what to look for will have the greatest impact on the productivity of your business. Here is a list of ten important considerations for buying a new excavator.

1. Operating weight/size, Application
It’s important to match the right size machine to the tasks at hand. Crawler excavators are generally grouped into three size-classes; compact/mini (0 – 6 metric tons; or <13,227 pounds), mid-size (6 – 10 metric tons; or 13,227 – 22,046 pounds) and standard/full-size (10 – 90 metric tons; or 22,046 – 198,416 pounds).



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